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Law Review & Student Resource

The first segment, the Law Review, focuses on general reviews of any area of law. This segment allows students to get involved in writing and publishing academic reviews and legal articles. Students and other contributors can help to provide meaningful insights into the law.

The second segment, the Student Resource, will primarily publish student essays that are relevant for the LLB syllabus. We highly welcome all students, members or non-members, to contribute to our resource!

Our Objectives

We aim at providing access to extrinsic resources for all students - as well as getting students involved in academic reviews of the law. Writing articles is a distinct skill that will help students throughout their entire course of study - especially in subjects such as Constitutional Law, Jurisprudence, etc.

Editorial Board

President - Ajit Singh Sidhu

Vice President - Raqib B. Osman

Secretary - Kanishaa Nair

Publicity Officer - Yuvhanraj Muniandy

More committee members to be selected soon!

ATC Law Debate 2021

For students who want to debate policy, this is for you! Be the lawmaker in this Asian Parliamentary debate on legal issues. Stay tuned for more information, coming soon!

Contact ATC Law Gazette

Email us at to submit your articles and essays! (subject to review by the editorial board)

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